I’m Siddarth Jayamoorthy, I’m an an artist and data scientist living in Austin, Texas. I’m originally from Chennai, India but have been moving around the US the last few years- Indiana, Arkansas and for a brief minute, the Bay Area where I worked for a shady blockchain company (they’re still around!)

While some would believe that bailing on the mother planet is the way forward , I feel that life needs to continue here on Earth, and our best hope is by digging deep and into the past to find our essence, distilling it into machine intelligence and passing on the torch.

I toyed with the idea of getting a PhD in Machine Learning and AI after my Master’s in Data Science but felt that a) academia/science is a little regimented when it comes to exploring big ideas and b) the field is converging around the local optima of Neural Networks in the near term. While the dust is still settling, my major preoccupation is with languages, of all kinds- visual, musical, computer and human; and their magical ability to shape the consciousness of ourselves and others.