And now for something completely different


This art/freelance life can be a lonely one, there are few people who I can relate with and can talk at length and intelligently with me about the sort of things I’m going through on a regular basis. I haven’t found much community for art perhaps because I haven’t been going out much, because I’m in Chennai, or because art is a niche and it’s acolytes tend to be like cats- they’re shy, socially awkward and can only be found when they want to be found.

I’ve also noticed that it’s hard to find any in depth interviews with Indian creators. If you want to know what brush pen Kim Jung-Gi you’ll find no dearth of resources but for inspiration closer to home, the internet comes up with a giant blank.

My cousin gave me a suggestion a few weeks ago- if you can’t find community, build it yourself! So that’s what I’m going to try out. I want to do an interview series with artists as an excuse to meet and nerd out with these elusive figures. This wasn’t something I ever thought I’d be doing, and I’m figuring out as I go. I’d love some feedback- guests you’d like to see, thoughts about the format, etc. Much excite!

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